at to dietpi-launcher point for "make install image"

Hello Team

it would be nice to see the “make img script” from convert armbian image to dietpi inside the dietpi-launcher .

i convert some tv-box to armbian and than to dietpi . at the end of convert you have a script that can convert the install to img file and also to shrink that file . But most time i have to check and set up something inside the install like LED or have to restart to see if all work again.
mosttimes i do not write down the link to the script , thats why it would be nice to see it as a point in the dietpi-launcher


probably a misunderstanding. To execute the script, you don’t need to have a DietPi system running and you are not able to execute it on the same system you like to create the image from. It would need to be a different Linux box. That’s why it is not part of our dietpi-launcher.

However we have document it on our online docs. It is the last part on our PREP Script execution section

ok thanks for this Information

yes it is very unclear that you have to do it on another maschine.
there is no hint on convert script and also no hint on website that is to execute on another maschine .

maybe last question
did the script also do the dd dump of the complett “install” of dietpi or only the shrink of img file

the script will take the whole SD card, create an image and compress/shrink it afterwards.

thank you very much for this information and your fast response

ok script is nothing for internal nand/emmc installation , clear now

can you maybe make a hint thats this script is for sd-card systems and script is useable for another maschine , that would be very nice . thanks