Asus tinker board

Looks like a good spec

Loving the colours on PCB, interesting CPU. Many thanks for the heads up. Added to wish list!

Cant seem to find any Debian images available for it yet, may indicate lots of dev/kernel work required for this board.


yes, verry nice PCB. :smiley:

:open_mouth: Android TV Box without the box… ? :rofl:

There are two out at the moment:



a MiQi-based build:


Legend! Thank you :slight_smile:

Do these images work on the Tinker Board? if so how are you flashing them?

Some News.

TinkerOS_Debian V1.4 ( > update: 2017/03/10 > )

TinkerOS default username is “linaro”;password is " linaro "

Changelog on V1.4

  1. Enable hardware acceleration for Chromium Web Browser.
  • Please also download chrome plug in “h264ify” to have best performance
  1. Improve the system stability.
  2. Fix keyboard/mouse repeating event issue.
  3. Preload Synaptic.

File Size: 682.41 MBytes



DietPi Image | ASUS Tinker Board Image Request