Asus Tinker Board Pi Touchscreen support

I bought the Tinker Board for one use and one use only. To replace my Raspberry Pi as my OctoPrint server. From what I found, it is pretty much a straight replacement. Connectors and components are positioned the same. And the default os (TinkerOS) supports Pi Touchscreen and everything works just fine in there (just tried armbian and that one supports it as well).
So I decided to try dietpi on it (because it is so freaking easy to use, lightweight and customizable that I run it on everything). Just to find out, it does not support the MIPI DSI output.

To get to the request: Would it be possible to add the display support (via MIPI connector)? On that note, maybe RPi cam support as well?

P.S.: I know, the title is a word salad

EDIT: You can get the touchscreen support by installing Armbian and then “upgrading” to DietPi.

Our new ATB buster image is based on ARMbian.
Does it work there OOTB?

Would there be any update or progress on this ?