aria2 user/password problem

Im new to dietpi and trying to figure out how the different apps are working.

If i dont change password in the setup and use the root and dietpi aria2 works fine.
But if i do change password then i get: Oh Snap! Authentication failed while connecting to Aria2 RPC server
It doesnt matter if i enter username/password in conections settings.

What am i doing wrong here?


you need to enter your password within the secret token (optional): box as described in our small user guide.

This needs to be entered in the following location, in the web interface:

  • Settings
  • Connection Settings
  • Enter the your password into the > Enter the secret token (optional): > box, then > save > changes

Thanks. Don’t know how i didn’t get that.

It’s working now :slight_smile:

good that this working now. Enjoy eastern and stay healthy :slight_smile: