Aria2 scheduled downloading?

Unfortunately I am presently in a country without Net Neutrality, so I have a large data allotment for the middle of the night and a smaller amount for the daytime. Dietpi on my C2 has been a great solution for this, allowing me to download through Sickrage>Transmissin only during nighttime hours.

I still need a nighttime solution for large direct downloads (videos, software, etc) and while Aria2 included in the dietpi software list seems great for many uses, it seems it provides no scheduling option. Googling about “aria2 schedule downloads” returns a few discussions about workarounds, but from my very limited knowledge none of them work with dietpi.

Any ideas for making (just) Aria2 schedule downloads or another software that would do this on dietpi?

Hi, not sure but I think Jdownloader has a scheduler module which I never tried. You might want to have a look at it.

Found this with a Google search…someone recommended using Aria2 scripts to pause unpause using cron

Thanks! I’m going to give that a shot