Aria2 Config File Path

First of all, thanks for the awesome project. I have benn using it for years and I don’t have word to express how awesome it is.

Guys, I need a help with Aria2 WeBUI. It’s working nicely but when I try to edit que config file I just can’t find it.

In it says:

‘Edit the following configuration file /var/lib/dietpi/dietpi-software/installed/aria2.conf, making your required changes.’

But when I try to find this path I can’t find, simply there is not this path in my Dietpi.

What am I missing here? Could someone please help me!?

Thanks in advance.


  • Which device? eg. RPi 3, Odroid C2, … ?

  • Which DietPi Version? eg. v159, v6.4, …?

find / | grep aria2.conf

Hi, I use Raspberry Pi3 Model B, Dietpi version 157.