apt-get slow

Has anyone run into issues running apt-get and it being very slow? There are mentions of this being related to IPv6, however I’d like to use IPv6 and would like to not turn it off, if possible. Anyone else seen this issue and know a fix?

pls can you be more specific. What do you mean by

apt-get and it being very slow

I was running quite some installations & test and did not faced any slowness issues

running apt-get update / apt-get upgrade results in minutes / hours of installs. Running at around 15kbps on a line that can happily sustain much more.

I have added IPv6 to the /etc/modules file, but it still seems very slow and I’m not sure why, this affects every install / uninstall within dietpi-software and results in installs that literally take hours…

For testing purposes, I was going to install VNC Server using dietpi-software. VNC Server setup is calling quite a lot of packages and installation finished in less than 5 minutes.

So I assume something local on your device. Did you already tried to reboot your device? How does momory and CPU consumption looks like?

BTW: enabling IPv6 can be done using dietpi-config tool. No need to adjust config files like /etc/modules