Apache with MPM event - PHP not parsing

Hello, Trying to set up Apache with mpm events. I did a purge then a clean LAMP install from the dietpi-software. HTML page loads with no issues but I cannot get PHP to parse .php pages.

I verified the modules are set up and loaded in Apache 2.4.38, PHP 7.3.27, DietPi v7.2.3

root@EI:~# a2enmod proxy_fcgi setenvif
Considering dependency proxy for proxy_fcgi:
Module proxy already enabled
Module proxy_fcgi already enabled
Module setenvif already enabled

But .php pages such as phpinfo.php is coming up as just text.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

For anyone else with this issue in the future. the LAMP install does not install the php_fpm daemon, only the Module in Apache :-/

sudo apt-get install php-fpm

then fallow the directions. After a quick Apache resatart the module connected to the newly installed daemon and PHP started to parse with Server API FPM/FastCGI up and working

Exactly, either PHP-FPM (recommended by me) or PHP-CGI (for very simple low-traffic sites) required as PHP handler, when Apache2 uses MPM worker or event.

We might switch to PHP-FPM by default, which also aligns Apache2 setups with Nginx and Lighttpd ones. The benefits of mod_php, respectively use-cases where it has benefits, are fading.

That would be highly appreciated if it was on by default… !

Probably we should make a poll about that matter.