Anyone knows why Exim is running in the system?

Always trying to keep my headless raspberry as lean as possible, I noticed that exim4 is running in the system (which I didn’t notice before)
I failed to get any reference of exim being needed in the forums, github or even pkg dependencies. Does anyone know if it’s really needed if no email is being processed in the system?
Thx, Wolf


… not really, but I have noticed at well exim is running on my nanopi and odroid devices.

Thinking on of the additional install software brings this up.

Because I don’t need e-mail notifications and don’t have configure one during installation, I have done:

apt-get purge exim*

apt-get autoremove

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade


After this, no more running exim processes in htop and installed software (pihole, pivpn, rpimonitor) are running as before.

Hi Wolf,

Exim shouldnt be installed by default. Its possible a peice of software installed via apt-get has a dependency for it (either DietPi-Software or cmd line).

Which system are you running? and can you paste results of the following please:

dietpi-software list | grep '[[:space:]]=2'