Anyone know how to enable dual monitors?

tvservice -l does show both displays. Not sure how to make both work.


what device you have? and do you like to have 2 screen on a desktop environment ?

PI4. Well, for testing its dual LCD monitors, but in my environment it can be a 7" LCD or a 5" round LCD.

is their some kind of x application you like to run on both screen or just some console?

Custom X application

Found something about dtoverlay

Not sure if it will help

not sure if that entry would go in /boot/dietpi.txt or not

Wish I could help more

such things would need to go into config.txt.

ok, I believe that link worked. I’ve been messing around w/config.txt so I need to find out what actually fixed it. LOL

ok would be nice if you could share the “real” solution. Might be helpful for others :slight_smile: