Any thoughts replacing wpa_supplicant with iwd?

I would like to force my rpi4 to connect to the 5Ghz wifi band,
and apparently wpa_supplicant does not offer any good way to do that, but iwd does!
( for details see the second answer in this: linux - Prefer 5GHz to 2.4Ghz band for specific wifi network (SSID) without using BSSID or for all networks? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange )

iwd is an alternative wifi backend, and it’s considered stable in Debian since Bookworm ( NetworkManager/iwd - Debian Wiki )

So, the idea is tentalizing, but I have a feeling that things like network configuration in dietpi-config would break and it would all be just a big headache…

Any experiences or thoughts ?

PS: this is my first post here, been using and following DietPi for a couple of months, great little distro!

Theoretically you can use NetworkManager, but it would conflict with ifupdown that we use on DietPi. This means that you need to migrate the network configuration first. After that, using iwd should be possible, but you won’t be able to use dietpi-config > network settings anymore. All network-related settings must be made with the NetworkManager toolset.

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Thanks, this is helping to put things into perspective.