Any plans for an x86 version of DietPi?

I have an RPi2, RPi3, Odroid C2 and a Zotac ND22. Right now I’m using the C2 with DietPi exclusively as an FTP server for the other three (all have LibreELEC installed), but would like to install LE 8.0 on the C2 once it becomes official and use the ND22 as the FTP server instead (the C2 is CEC compatible whereas the ND22 is not). Are there any plans to release a standalone x86 version of DietPi in the future?

You can run VMware OS (vSphere) on the ND22, then run our 64bit VMware image on that, the SU2300 has 64bit and virtualization support:


As for a native DietPi x86_xx image/iso that runs outside a VM, not possible for us to implement, due to sheer number of hardware possibilities and combinations.