[Answered] How do software upgrades work?

If there’s an update to installed software, will you get a notification at login (similar to when an update to DietPi is available)? Or do I just need to make periodic checks with apt-get update and apt-get upgrade?

Sometimes dietpi-update does this (always look at the changelog), sometimes you have to do it yourself by apt-get update/upgrade, and sometimes by downloading the latest program package yourself.


I think it would be great if you notify the updates to the users. Someone might have disabled the automatic updates and someone does. So, if they get notifications of updated, then it will be easy for them to be up to date.

We disabled the automated APT updates, since those occur on random times based on the systemd timers and by this randomly break DietPi install scripts.

But I agree that this is not the best solution. DietPi scripts do APT upgrades as well, but users might not regularly enough do DietPi updates or software installs.

Either we should enable an own regular security update system or re-enable the one from Debian, while our scripts then need to either recognize and wait for them or kill those to start own APT calls. I think this is a topic for DietPi v6.18 to have a separate beta phase for it.

Sonarr says there’s an update but when i do sudo apt-get update/upgrade it doesn’t fetch any updates.

What would be the procedure, I’m on lattest beta

Whilst anything installed via apt will get an update, other packages that might have been installed by git don’t. Unless they provide an inbuilt way of updating, DietPi doing the update is tricky.

Which device do you use? For ARMv8 (arm64) we manually download the latest binary and APT will not update it. For all other architectures we use the official sonarr repo and APT should do the update.

In case of ARMv8 “dietpi-software reinstall 144” should do update.

Ah “dietpi-software reinstall” - that is a new one on me. Does it preserve user data / app settings?

Could there be someway of identifying which software packages come from APT and which do not so a user would know how best to update a particular package on a specific architecture (I ask more in hope than expectation :smiley: )?

I’m was using a RockPro64, just tried this and it worked perfectly fine!


Great, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:!