Another problem all dietpi software conf apps

When want to install a software or use drive manager.
I cant go in on anything it just want to quit.
When start dietpi-software it start. Then i arrow down to browse software press enter it say do you want to exit dietpi-software. Yesterday it worked fine but not today. Any suggestions what to do

How do you connect to your DietPi system? Do you use SSH? If not, can you try using SSH.

I use ssh.
Dont have any display connected to it.
It do it in both vnc and in ssh

did you try another SSH client? Or did you reboot your system in between? Maybe you can repeat the last DietPi update

dietpi-update -1

Thanks for the help.
I figure it out. It was some heating issue. Forgot to check temp. And it was quite high so cleaned the fan and now the temp is normal and its acting like it should