Amiga Shell Keyboard issue

I have a strange problem with Amiberry on my DietPi installation. Whenever I launch a shell, typing 2 yields 2p. Z yields Z followed by a space. X yields X followed by a carriage return. The keyboard works Perfect in DietPi. Only problems in Amiga. Have tried building both a 3.1 system and a 3.1.4 system. I’ve built fresh Amiga HDF files dozens of times and never had this before. This is my first time building an hdf on my Pi-Top. But I think I have my keyboard and locale settings in DietPi to match the defaults in Pi-Top OS. Any thoughts?

Edit: just had the thought to try my wireless Logitech keyboard on the Pi-Top. Same results. . .

I just came up against this issue myself. The issue also exists across different AmigaOS installs I created. I am thinking there is some configuration issue with Amiberry. The fact that it is doing a carriage return when pressing the x key is very wierd.

Ok, just found this possible solution on the Amibian forums, “Solution: go into UAE’s Input settings and disable “Keyboard as Joystick”.”. Gonna give it a go tomorrow morning.

Right, gave it a test and it works. My keyboard still has the wrong mapping, but I think that will be a seperate issue.