Amiberry update

Hello how I can update amiberry to last version?

usually it should work to reinstall

dietpi-software reinstall 108

but do i need to do some backups first?
do you forgive the configurations?

Usually configuration should not be overwritten. But running a backup before is always recommend.

sorry but i have another question, i downloaded dietpie for arm7 with amiberry, but i installed it on an RPI4 with 4Gb of ram with arm8 architecture.
with the command dietpi-software reinstall 108 you automatically install the correct version for rpi4?

arm7 means 32bit and the installation script will respect this.

arm7 it’s Raspberyy pi 4?

Be careful mixing thinks. Just because the RPI4 is capable to run ARMv8 aarch64, dosne’t mean you need to run a 64bit image explicitly. You can easily run ARMv6 or ARMv7 images on RPI4. The installation script will correctly detecte the running OS version.

ok thanks when I get home I execute that terminal command you indicated to me earlier.

Thank you

strange I ran the command
dietpi-software reinstall 108 however did not install amiberry version 4.1.6.

Because binary is loaded from our server and they are fixed one as they are pre compiled. They might need to be updated in this case.

can you tell me what to do?

You can’t do anything. You need to wait. I will talk to our developer. Be patient pls.

ok of course I’ll wait.
thank you very much

Just following on from this thread. Can you please advise when the latest Amiberry will be available on DietPi? I believe it is currently 4.1.5, but Amiberry 5.1 is now available.
Many thanks

Welcome to our comunity.

An update will become available on next release

Thank you :slight_smile:
That’s excellent news! Is there a date for that yet please?
Many thanks

Of course. It’s planned to be released on the upcoming weekend

That’s great, Thank you!


have install Amiberry Update from 4.1.3 to 5.3, have do diet-software reinstall 108, after that new Version is on my pi400. Have a mice Problem when the Emulation is running. The Arrow pins on the left upper Corner and does nothing.
Before the update the emulation ran ok, after the update the mouse can no longer be moved. In Amberry Gui, the mouse works flawlessly. I contacted Midwan, he said it could be an SDL issue. The correct SDL 2.24.0 can be seen under About. What could be the problem here. Can someone kindly help me or maybe even know the solution? Have a nice evening everyone