Amiberry SFTP


I’m using the special Amiberry on my Pi +3B+ with ethernet, and am having troubles using FileZilla FTP to SFTP in.

I can start to connect, and FileZilla asked for the password - I’m assuming I’m using the standard root and dietpi that I use on my other DietPi boxes?

I just get a message in FileZilla to say connection failed - end of line reached.

I’ve not tinkered with the install at all - Just let DietPi do its updates, and rebooted.

Could anyone help please?

Many thanks


pls can you describe your setup more in detail.

From which system your are trying to connect using FileZilla? Is that a Windows box?
On which server you installed the FTP/FTPS server?


Yes, sorry.

Filezilla is on a Windows box on the same local network. I can connect to my Plex server which is also running on a Raspberry Pi with DIetPi installed without problems.

I have not installed the FTP/FTPS server - I thought DietPi came with SFTP access set-up by default. Apologies if I’m mistaken - Its’ been some time since I set-up my Plex box.


no by default there is no FTP server installed. To be able to use SFTP, you would need to change SSH server from Dropbear tp OpenSSH. This can be simply done using dietpi-software. There you can change your SSH Server preference. Once done, just do a reboot and SFTP should be working now.

I did a test using WinSCP tool and I could access my system via SFTP without issues.

To avoid switching the whole SSH server, you could think off using SCP. for this you would need to install OpenSSH client (id 0) only.

Thank you very much. I will do that now. Peter