Alternative to VSCode to SSH into DietPi


I SSH into Raspberry Pi 4 via VSCode. I realized that Pi got really hot, hence I run htop.

All CPUs were running at nearly 100% due to the .vscode-server.

Can anyone suggest a lightweight alternative to VSCode where I can SSH into Pi and create/edit files conveniently?


Personally I use a Windows desktop. There I have WinSCP + Notepad++. This way I can login to my RPi and could browse to the scripts I like to edit. Double click and the file is opening in Notepad++. Saving the file will transfer it back to the RPi immediately.

Thanks Joulinar,

It really works well.

I would also suggest trying Kate as a lightweight editor alternative to Notepad++ It has completely replaced Notepad++ for me. The only thing I didn’t like was its rather generic round icon for the file type(s) where it is set as default editor; however, the default icon for a file type is easy enough to change.

Even though it won’t make a difference in this use case, also give VSCodium a try. It is VSCode (not a fork) without the M$ telemetry. Just be aware that not all VSCode extensions work in VSCodium; in most cases you’ll be fine, but double-check that all your required extensions work before making the switch completely.

Thank you for suggesting WinSCP. I have added it to my workflow.

Kate looks amazing, I will give it a try now. Sadly, it does not have SSH plugin though.

Joulinar How do you deal with permission issues when using WinSCP?

What should be the owner and permissions of the file so I can edit from there?

I use SCP as protocol and root user to login. To be able to edit files, you would need to install OpenSSH client (software ID 0), not the OpenSSH server. This way I can edit all files I like.

Cheers. I am doing the same now.