Allo Sparky with USBridge Kernel Update?

Hi, how do I update to kernel 4.14 with a Sparky? I am on latest Dietpi 6.8 and thought this would update the kernel, but I am still on 3.x when I do uname -r.
I read in another thread that “Stretch image (in progress) will use the 4.14 kernel by default”. Is DietPi 6.8 not the Stretch Image? I am confused.

I need a newer kernel for my DAC since it has a bug which is fixed in kernel 4.9 or 4.1.x. I have distorted sound on current Dietpi with my T+A DAC 8 (not DSD). Tested with RPI3 and RoPieee which is on 4.1.4 and worked flawlessly there. Just can’t find a way to get a more recent kernel with sparky.

Any help greatly appreciated since my new hardware is useless to me at the moment. Thanks.

Hey man,

I have the same set up and same problem. Waiting for the update also.

Hope someone wil help…



Good To know there are some fellow T+A DAC8 owners here :wink:. It is really a pain under linux with this DAC, I bought a SOtM SMS200 which had the same problem. Sold that and bought an Allo USBridge to encounter the same problem there.

But in contrast to SOTM who have tried to help but left me hanging after a while, the good people at Allo are working on a fix I hope. I have had contact with a developer who is looking into the problem. He has already updated a patched version for the sparky usb driver 3 weeks ago, see here: See on the bottom “14th may 18 added T+A dac8 patch”.

Unfortunately this makes things only better but does not solve the whole problem. My current state is that my audio is also always truncated to 16bit even if 24bit on the source and the first USB device with this DAC is unsuable with crackles and pops. A developer has notified me that this is related to the S24_3LE sample rate. He is looking on the driver and has asked me to wait another week or so.

So myabe our issues will be solved soon. I will keep this post updated with my progress.

Yeah thats What I thought too, someone with the same setup… Pfff… Not alone in this… I posted this on the Allo forum too and have had One reply from Allo: “tenor 8802L based dac supporting 16 and 24 bit up to 192k sampling rate.suspecting the packet transfer issue with S24_3LE format and Allo Team working on the driver update.This issue not observed on 16/192k rate.” But no timeframe… and no further response… I realy hope your Guy can fix this… The Dac 8 deserves a good USB bridge for it is One of the best Dac’s Out there…

Did the patch you linked… At least TIDAL-Roon “first MQA unfold” is working again… Roon says all is working losless… No truncated signal… Maybe Roon is not seeing What the USBridge is doing before the hand off to the DAC? Thx for your input man :sunglasses:

High pitch noise in upper regions when playing 192Khz… :cry: Below 192Khz all sounds fine… Problematic still… :thinking:

Hi neotrace and 300B
I’m using T+A DAC8 DSD and USBridge ( DietPi 6.8 ) with ROON.

Currently no issue except AMANERO USB receiver FW limitation preventing native DSD (max DSD128 DoP only).

Curious to know about your “distorterd sound” issues related to Sparky (old) kernel ?

Edit: Sorry, my bad, misreading your posts. You are both using DAC8 (not DSD).
Anyway, still interested too in Sparky very old kernel update. ALLO told me it is Action Semi (chip maker) job, any info ?

Hey Volpone, don’t know about amanero chip support. I know Tenor is no longer active and offers no support What so ever. But still Kernel on Allo USBridge needs updating. Rpi is more mature as it seems.

Sure, i agree. Sparky Kernel is too oooold … !

I am sad to report that there is still no fix for this problem. Allo have not been able to fix the problem up until now :frowning:.

@300B: I have a question, you wrote this:

Which playback device do you use with your setup, the T+A DAC 8 exposes 2 devices in roon. On the first device I get the high pitch noise and distorted sound. The second one works, but not fine since all audio is truncated to 16Bit. Don’t you have the green light in Roon? This means all 24Bit source files get converted to 16 Bit.

The first device is the one to be used as far as I understand, it works great on RPI3 with ropieee. All 24 Bit no problem.

My situation is the same as yours…

Device #1 sounds better to my ears… Device #0 sounds flat, constricted and unnatural… Seems still lame for Allo USB. PI3 works excellent but sounds less nice than Allo USB Device #1… Guess just wait al little longer for better kernel in SparkyUSB… :cry:

With the 6.12 update all seems to be working fine now, 24 bit-192Khz. :slight_smile:

Today again high pitch noise at 24bit 192Khz… My innitial test and comment whas positive… However… not anymore… Strange… Problem still there… :frowning: