Allo Piano DAC support


There is no Soundacrd selctetion for Allo DAC products in config menu.

What should I use, which card/ driver to enable Allo Piano DAC in DietPi?



Just got the driver c code from the also tech support team.

Please advise how to add it to dietpi?
Shall it be compiled and launched, or somehow embedded in dietpi image?

Need your help to get it done.


Hi Janis,

Looks like there is a dtb already available:

So, should just be a case of adding the following to /DietPi/config.txt:


Reboot, then check soundcard exists with:

aplay -l

Thank you, that worked!

I have now tested Allo DACs - they are amazing. The best sounding DACs I have seen for Raspberry so far. Much better than Audiophonics V3.
Will post my review on Roon Community site.


Excellent, great to hear :slight_smile:

I’am still enjoying the JustBoom DAC HAT and Odroid HiFi Shield 2. Do you have either, would be good to get a comparison?

No unfortunately, I don’t have these.
Here is my review of Allo DACs.

Excellent review, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Added Allo Piano to dietpi-config for v139:

Thank you!
Will try it.

Do you know why AirPlay has stopped working if on same network are running several Raspberry PIs with Shairport?

I’m not getting v139 update?

Its not out yet, still working on it :slight_smile: Hopefully within a few days it should be released.


I was just in contact with Allo team. Thank you from them for added Piano DAC support.
They would like to provide also driver with some DSP flows for the Piano 2.1 version.

How they should contact you?

Hi Janis,

Sounds good, via email if possible: