USBridge as Roon Endpoint seems to have a USBridge on their website, scheduled for release soon. It consists of the Sparky SBC and a USB board. I was hoping to buy it and install Roon Bridge. Plug in a USB DAC (e.g., Audioquest Red) directly to the USBridge. A minimum of cables for a basic headphones set up for private listening late at night.

I have no experience with Linux command lines,. I’m not quite sure how to go about installing Roon Bridge on the device. (I have a Bluesound vault and a Sonicorbiter SE set up as Roon Endpoints but those came with software or downloads already configured).

Is there a dietpi.txt that can be downloaded and used to automate the installation, after the DietPi image has been extracted to a microSD card? I imagine USBridge can be configured afterwards using Putty, or something similar. Would appreciate any tips on how to go about this.

Many thanks.


You can automate Roon installation with this dietpi.txt:

  • Simply write the DietPi image to EMMC.
  • Right click the link above and select “Save as”
  • Navigate to the eMMC drive, and overwrite the current dietpi.txt
  • Eject, plug in and power on

    After installation, you will need to configure the USB dac by running:
    dietpi-config > Audio Options > Soundcard > USB DAC

I believe the USBbridge should be “Plug and Play”, but i’ll send an email over to Allo to confirm.

Allo confirms USBbridge is Plug and Play. No additional configuration required.

Thanks very much. On the USBridge, the software (dietpi) is installed on an eMMC drive that is presumably embedded on Sparky. If I’m running USBridge headless, how do I copy “dietpi.txt” from my laptop to the eMMC drive on Sparky? Information on the website is scarce. Sparky boots from the eMMC drive, so I’d probably have to copy over “dietpt.txt” so that when I reboot, Dietpi will install the Roon Endpoint software automatically. Thanks again for your help.


Please see this post for automated eMMC installation of Roon on Sparky: