allo boss dac

I have installed the Dietpi with the Allo Boss Dac with Roon. However it cannot be recognised in Roon. I can easily ssh it, and if I change the dac to hifiberry dac+, it is recognised in Roon, and it gives sound, however with a wrong speed, but there comes sound.
What is missing? I can see that there is a patch, but I wouldn’t expect to need to install that, but if so, how do I do this?

I got it working, by avoiding to upgrade the kernel to 384. But is there a way to make that work - is it about the patch - and if so, how do I install that?


The Allo Boss DAC driver is not supported in the official RPi kernel (yet). Our DietPi kernel contains the driver, however, we have not yet implemented additional support for 384KHz, this requires modification the RPi kernel source code. Its on our list, but not sure of ETA yet.

Hi Fourdee
I am not unpolitely asking for a possible ETA on this, just humbly curious whether there had been any progress on this

Hi Henry,

No worries, the occasional bump helps remind me :slight_smile:

In theory, I may be able to compare a kernel with 384KHz supported, against one that isnt (RPi default), then we can work out a patch for our kernel.

I also need to try 4.9 kernel and see if 384KHz has been implemented by default.

I’ve created a ticket so we can track progress. I’ll take a look in v149, but it may be much longer to complete (eg: v150):

Hi Henry,

Done, more info and how to upgrade system for 384KHz, below:

That was quick :slight_smile:
Thank you.