all dietpi softwares works only on ROOT

i have a fresh dietpi install then installed kodi media center whan i try to start it with dietpi user it won’t work
when i switch to root then start kodi it works fine !
why ?


maybe this link will help to answer your question

dietpi-services dont show kodi in the list (which is logic) because it’s not running yet!

install Kodi and you should be able to change the service

Will this be applied to all softwares or i should do the same thing for each one?

usually most software title are installed with their own user.

Now kodi is running and i did dietpi-services in terminal ssh but no kodi entry is available

best to my knowledge, kodi is not manged via dietpi-services.

This will leads us to my main question :grin:
How to run softwares using dietpi user not root. Because all softwares are running under root only!

that’s not true. There are quite a lot of software title using their own user. Nearly all applications using their own user. Kodi is an exception.

Lxde is running only on root
Kodi is running only on root
Retropie after installation runs only under root and does not autostart after boot, it runs only after i sudo xinit then run emulationstation in terminal inside the environment

you are referring to a special group/typ of software that require access to video and audio.

Just install something else like web server, sonarr, radarr, transmission, docker, squeezelite aso. You will see they are using own user. Your statement that ALL software title running with root user is not correct.

i just want to thank everyone for being responsive. i managed to get my setup working using the script :slight_smile:

After Dietpi update to 6.34.3 Emulationstation dont start …EM should not be run as root please run without sudo. Any sugestion how to fix this?

can you be a little bit more specific an your SBC, what software you are running and where you see this error?

Using Pi zero and i run EM from command line

and how do you start your application?

Emulationstation and enter :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess you install the software yourself. Probably you would need to ask software provider about correct way to start.

Before Dietpi update i had no problem with Emulationstation