Airsonic & HTTPS


Long time user and lurker of the forum, first time poster.

I have a question regarding Airsonic service and HTTPS availability.

I use a RPI4 with dietpi and use it as a cloud storage with NextCloud, using secure access through CertBot/LetsEncrypt.

I have it configured to allow only secure HTTPS access, automatically translating any HTTP request to HTTPS (port 443).

How do I enable AirSonic through the internet, then? Whenever I try to connect through http://servername:8080/airsonic, it keeps trying to translate the request to https and keeps looping forever, never getting into the service. Whenever I use it the lan, everything works as intended.

Another thing… is there any way to change the access port from 8080 to anything other, and also the “/airsonic” part to any other?

Thanks for any help.


many thanks for your message. You can use a revers proxy to enable access to Airsonic over the internet. There are different options depending on your web server

Thanks. Will look into it.