Advice on where to place my VPN

I am in the process of taking my Plex server off my PC and transfer it to a Pi4 with DietPi. Currently I have 2 external hard drives on my PC and use Surfshark VPN when I acquire new media. Those 2 drives are dedicated to the server and will also be transferred to the Pi.

When I transfer Plex server to Pi4, I plan on installing Samba so I can transfer any new media to the drives over the network. So here is where I get a little confused. When I get new media I will be downloading from a client on my PC but the destination of the media will be on Pi over Samba. With this sort of setup, do I use VPN on the Pi or continue to use it on the PC?

If I need to have it on PC I am going to continue to use SurfShark. If I need to run it on Pi I am going to use one of the ones included with DietPi.


many thanks for your request.

Well, the location of you VPN client depends on how you are planning to download stuff. If you still use Windows to download files, it might be easiest to keep the VPN client on it. But you could use as well one of the torrent clients from dietpi-software catalogue. There it would make sense to have the VPN client on DietPi as well. Btw, you can continue using SurfShark on DietPi as well. In practice, SurfShark is using OpenVPN as technology. OpenVPN can be installed from dietpi-software catalogue. There is a guide available how to configure on CLI

As well SurfShark seems to offer an own client for Debian. At least for amd64 systems. But this would need Raspberry OS 64Bit which is still beta.