Adguard Home to beta

Hallo Leute.
Ich bin Dietpi Fan :+1:
Ich habe Adguard Home und Unbound über Software installiert und läuft erste Sahne.
Ich würde gerne Adguard Home beta über die final installieren aber wie?
Weiß jemand Rat oder hat einen Tip?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Hi guys.
I am a Dietpi fan :+1:
I have installed Adguard Home and Unbound via software and it runs great.
I would like to install Adguard Home beta via final but how?
Does anyone have any advice or tips?

With kind regards

Welcome to our community.

It’s totally fine to post questions within English language only. No need to post thinks in German, even if we understood it :wink:

Back to your question. You simply could download the AGH version you are looking for from AGH GitHub Releases · AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome · GitHub Basically check for the Linux archive fitting your architecture. Once downloaded, extract the archive and move the AGH executable into /mnt/dietpi_userdata/adguardhome/. Finally adjust permission.

chown -R adguardhome:adguardhome /mnt/dietpi_userdata/adguardhome
chmod 0755 /mnt/dietpi_userdata/adguardhome/AdGuardHome

As it has an internal updater, there is no beta/pre-release switch, is it? Probably worth a feature request? :slightly_smiling_face:

Just had a look on a demo system. And yes, there doesn’t seems to be a switch to a beta version with the GUI. However following moved my test system to latest beta

cd /tmp
tar -xvf AdGuardHome_linux_arm64.tar.gz
systemctl stop adguardhome.service
mv ./AdGuardHome/AdGuardHome /mnt/dietpi_userdata/adguardhome/
chown -R adguardhome:adguardhome /mnt/dietpi_userdata/adguardhome
chmod 0755 /mnt/dietpi_userdata/adguardhome/AdGuardHome
systemctl restart adguardhome.service
rm -R AdGuardHome*
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That’s great and thanks for the tip. I reinstalled dietpi earlier and did not install adguard via the Software Manager. I didn’t install Unbound via the Software Manager either.
Now that there is a solution here I’ll actually do the work and set everything up again later and will go the above route. ;)))
I’ll try that out and thank you

Dietpi rocks :slight_smile:

With kind regards

We don’t do any magic to AGH installation. Except, we place the executable and config files on an own directory within our user data folder. Therefore you can easily use our installation process and replace AGH executable. Because that’s what AGH is. Just a single executable and a single configuration file. Nothing else :slight_smile:

But with a very simple installation option if you want to install Pihole/AGH with unbound.
Especially with a ready-made unbound.conf and everything runs right away.
I’ve already been through a few distributions with Pihole/AGH and unbound and this is by far the easiest under Dietpi. :slight_smile:

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That’s what we aim for. To deliver end-to-end ready to use software by following original installation guides. Or at least to use best practice flavoured with automatism / optimisation :slight_smile:

Let’s see what they think about it: Add beta/pre-release toggle for updater · Issue #4828 · AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome · GitHub

Hello and I would like to thank you.
The solution described above works. Dietpi reinstallation with AdGuardHome and unbound. Then ran the commands and now in Adguard beta status.
Thanks for asking the Adguard team about beta update.
Thanks for the quick help :slight_smile:

This is definitely the solution for all Dietpi users who use Adguard Home and would like to try out the beta.