AdGuard Home - network-wide ad-and-tracker blocking DNS server with Parental control


do you can add the “AdGuard Home” to DietPi?
It is like PiHole, but with additional features.


Setup for RPI:

Up for this!
Can you please add it?

I also know you can force your router to use “opendns family guard” dns…it’s not 100%, but it blocks ALOT (guestimation of maybe 90%) of the garbage floating on the web…the biggest thing is the router needs to be able to force all dns requests thru the family sheild IP’s (otherwise manually changing to any other public dns could circumvent it)

nameservers are:

However as an addon to dietpi running on an RPi or Orange Pi…this seems VERY nice!
Really cool writeup on adguard and why AdGuard is better than just “DNS blackholing”

Can I uninstall my ad blocker now?

The main advantage of AG Home lies in its ability to protect the whole network. When it comes to the sheer “filtering power”, DNS-based ad blocking is inherently less potent and flexible than the approach taken by browser extensions and especially less so than dedicated tools. As an example, this article compares AG for Android and hosts-based ad blockers, and it gives a good impression of their relative capabilities. Whether you need this level of protection or not is a matter only you can decide.

And that’s about it, hope you’ll like AdGuard Home and will find a good use for it!

Anyone know if Adguard Home will add to Dietpi?
The function of Adguard home is better than Pi-Hole.
They want to add “childen pc with parent control” and “different filter for PC/Laptop/Smartphone” and more options and settings.

Might have to sideload it if a diepti authorized script isn’t included…the OP has a link on how to install on RPi

Just make sure that the DHCP server of your home router points to the AdGuard/PiHole DNS filter to assign out DHCP address internally, and your router has the ability to FORCE all DNS requests to go to the AdGuard/PiHole DNS filter or it can be circumvented by manually entering a public DNS address in the network config settings.

I think this still isn’t included in dietpi, right? Has anybody managed to sideload it within dietpi? I am currently using pihole (with dietpi) but i want to switch to adguard. Its blocking abilities are far more better.

nope it’s not yet included. But you could install it yourself by following the AdGuardHome install guide. I did it once in the past for testing purposes.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. So you managed to run it inside dietpi you say? If that is the case i will give it a try. Does it run automatically when you boot the pi? Will i be able to set it to do so? By the way, your post sounds like you are not using it anymore. Is there any particular reason for that?

I tried it at an early state and was not satisfied. At this time it was even not offering DHCP server functionality. I’m using PiHole and I’m quite happy with it. Even PiHole 5 (beta) seems to be nice. Personally I still don’t know what should be the benefit of AGH.

Installation of AGH is pretty easy. Just download a file, unzip and install it. A needed service to start on boot will be created automatically. Altogether you are done in less than 5 minutes (if you are slow typing :wink: ).

Thanks dude. I just tried it. Unfortunately i couldn’t enter its ip format into my router’s dns address line. Adguard Home does not work if you only enter the ip without the port number. My router did not accept the ip addres with the “:number number” extension. It only accepts ip addresses. Although i couldn’t use the service, i could install it and i could access its web interface by entering the ip address in my browser, so it definately works. So if anybody has a router that accepts ip addresses with port numbers as dns addresses, you can definately use Adguard Home.

Adguard Home does not work if you only enter the ip without the port number

What you do you mean by this? Which port you need to specify? Usually this should not be needed to configure DNS on your clients/router

In this screen during the set up, i had to enter different port numbers than the ones written. It said that those ports were taken. So i guess that is why i had to enter ip addresses with port numbers. I uninstalled pihole before installing adguard home, so i have no idea why these ports were taken. I am not really a network specialist to be honest.

listen interfaces can be set to all interfaces. No need to change anything there. Attached a screen shot from my test system.

Next to that port 53 on DNS server is fine, this is the standard port and know by all Router. So entering the DNS Server IP on your router is sufficient. No need to enter a port in addition on your router.

In this screen, Adguard Home told me that those ports were taken and i have to change them with a red font text. I couldn’t click next without changing the ports. And when i change the port numbers, ip addresses have an extension with the new port number. Just entering the ip address did not work, i tried it.

Can you do a screen print from these red messages? Do you have another web server and DNS server running already? Otherwise ports shouldn’t be blocked

Thanks for the time you are taking for this. I will try to install it again tonight. I will take the screenshot and put it here. When i first installed it, i made sure that pihole was uninstalled before. I thought that they might clash. And i don’t have any web server or anything. Just one wireless modem/router. DHCP is provided by the modem.

yes pihole will bring a webserver as well. so you need to ensure non of them is installed. better to start with an empty installation. :wink:

aha, that could be the problem. I only uninstalled pihole. I didn’t know about the webserver. Maybe the webserver was still running then. Let me try again, this time i will try to uninstall the webserver as well.

can be done by using dietpi-software. If not needed you can remove these software title. But depends on your use case and if you need some of them

[ ] 81   LLSP: lighttpd | sqlite  | php
[ ] 84   Lighttpd: webserver
[ ] 87   SQLite: database
[ ] 89   PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor for dynamic web content
[ ] 93   Pi-hole: block adverts for any device on your network

Dude, thanks for the help man. It worked :slight_smile: I will probably make a clean reinstall of dietpi sometime in the future to clean up the residual files, but Adguard Home is currently working and blocking. It also starts automatically after a reboot.