Adguard and DHCP IPv6 Settings

In the scenario where I have stitched of my router’s IPv4 DHCP (in favour of AGH) and IPv6 clients autoconfigure using SLAAC (off the router), will their traffic still be routed through AGH or not?

In the scenario where IPv4 DHCP is served from AGH and IPv6 RAs/DHCP6 are served from the router and advertising the router as nameserver, then the IPv4 queries will go to AGH and the IPv6 to the router.

yap, you would need to check how your router is doing, if there is a way to prevent the router doing RA for the IPv6 DNS. Or at least if there is an option within the router to populate the correct address of AGH. As well you could ask on AGH Github, how AGH would need to be configured within your scenario.

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thanks for your friendly advice :smile: