Adding a delay?


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I’m trying to add a delay/sleep to transmission. However, I’m having issues finding out how. I have Google it and found:

My issue is /etc/systemd/system/dietpi-autostart_custom.service doesn’t exist and it seems dietpi has dietpi-autostart. I have no idea how it works.



what exactly is the goal to delay transmission?

Hi Joulinar,

Transmission will start before my VPN connects which exposes my real IP, I do have my VPN setup with a killswitch it’s just transmission starts up than my VPN.

I was hoping to add a delay to transmission to allow my VPN to connect first, even if my VPN fails to connect (for some unknown reason) the killswitch would kick in till there is a connection, again transmission starts just before the VPN starts up.


well you could try to add your VPN service as dependency to Transmission service. What VPN you are using?

How would I go about doing this? I’m using Transmission web and I don’t have that many options. I’m using PIA (privateinternetaccess)


do you know the name of the service pia is using?

I’m not sure; I installed my PIA differently from other guides I found here, i.e. OpenVPN with PIA? and the git guide ended up with me formatting dietpi and doing a fresh install.

I installed TigerVNC from there I installed the desktop version of PIA

This method has worked a treat, and I can use the VPN killswitch and split tunnel. However, Transmission loads before PIA (which I’m guessing Transmission loads before TigerVNC), and as a result, my real IP shows till PIA kicks in.

I thought it would be easier to add a delay to Transmission to sleep x seconds giving TigerVNC/PIA time to start.

It is not the best method to install the VPN, but it works and is the most simple.

Thanks again

basically you could add a sleep command to Transmission service definition.

ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 1800