Add network drive

Hi, I am asking for help adding a network drive that i can not mount.
I have dietpi1 with a samba share. The share for sure works since the share is accessible via my w10 machine.
I have dietpi2 where i would like to mount the samba share located in diepti1.
I have opened dietpi-drive_manager/add network drive and followed questions:
TShare (name of share as created in smb.conf)
/mnt/TShare (path as created in smb.conf)
samba user
samba pw
/mnt/network_HDD (mount point in dietpi2)
The mount fail with error 13 and error 95.
Certainly i must be a syntax error. What do i do wrong?

This is incorrect input. You need to use the name of the share and not the path on source location. On a default system it’s dietpi. Same name you use on Windows systems.

I see. Will give it try

Thanks everything works now!