Add existing docker into portainer?

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I have a nginx proxy manager instance that runs great, but after using watchtower to update it, it no longer shows up in portainer unfortunately. I want to get it into portainer again without altering the settings of NPM. how to do that?

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here is my current install:

I guess the NPM container has been removed by your watchtower tool and you would need to create a new container using the same compose script as you did before.

I restored from a .ova Backup. How do I prevent watchtower from deleting NPM in the first place?

set watchtower to not update the container in question Container selection - Watchtower

i ended up using WATCHTOWER_DISABLE_CONTAINERS right in .env of watchtower

But I would Like watchtower to Update it properly.

If installed via dietpi-software, you can use reinstall feature. Or you contact Watchtower guys on this issue.

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Will try and report back. At least Watchtower deleting containers is not expected behaviour, am I right?

Something to ask Watchtower. But usually this is how container updates are working. Drop the old container/ image and start a new container with old configuration. Therefore all user data and config files need to be stored outside the container. For Portainer we use a Docker volume.

Similar we do on our reinstall for Portainer.

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Looks like you are not alone and it is somewhat expected behaviour, since the problem comes more from docker side then watchtower.

Something happened while watchtower were starting the new containers and it seems like it was interrupted before completing the startup. Watchtower does not have any kind of persistent storage, so if its container is restarted it has no recollection of prior containers.
I don’t think there is any other way to restore them, than to manually recreate them.

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