Add Canon printers to CUPS

Good morning, I would like to add my canon printer MG 2550S to Cups, since there is no Canon printer. I have made an installation with raspbian and Cups and my printer comes out and works perfectly, but I like Dietpi better. Can anybody help me?

Hi, I have the same problem with my Canon MP250.

Hi all . I have installed CUPS in Raspbian and without modifying anything it has identified my printer and the drivers. But in DIETPI it is impossible for me to do it. I have tried to manually install the gunterprint, but nothing, the model of my printer does not appear, but on the other hand with the installation in raspbian there is no problem. Does alguin have any idea how I can do it? .
Thank you.

pruna eldt43
Since DietPi and Raspbian use the same APT repo and we do no special configs to cloudprint-service / cups, might it be possible that its about Stretch vs Buster?

Did you try the new DietPi Buster image for RPi? I just made it the default download yesterday since it has proven to work stable and adds RPi4 support.

good morning . I’ll try it in a few days … thanks.