Active screen??

Hi there,
got this note after booting up, while connected via Putty (SSH):

DietPi first run setup: Currently running on another screen (PID=683)
Please resume setup on the active screen.

The setting is a headless Pi zero W with a camera module installed, nothing else. I don’t want to install the whole system again, so if anyone has an idea to fix this??

Cheers Zarc

Hmm strange, have you changed the autostart option to auto login? Of course this will not work on a headless system.

However you can manually kill the running process.
When hitting Ok in the prompt, you should be able to press CTRL+C to exit the login script. Then run: htop
You should see one dietpi-login or /DietPi/dietpi/login instance running. If it indeed is hanging (0% CPU usage), then select it via up/down buttons and press F9 + return to kill it.

Then logout the SSH session and login again and you should see first run setup running on the SSH session.


Hi, that procedere saved the day. I killed a few processes, entered installation routine again, rebooted and learn the command htop :slight_smile:) thanks, problem solved. Cheers Zarc