Activate wake on lan on DietPi

Hi all, I´m pretty new in the Linux/Raspi/DietPi world, so forgive me if I say something wrong.
I basically want to activate the WOL on DietPi in order to turn it on with my Windows laptop. So, I connected it with a LAN cable (eth0) gave it a static ip address and run this command to check sudo ethtool eth0 | grep Wake.
The result shows the following: Supports Wake-on: gs Wake-on: d.
From what I´ve read here it means that the WOL it is supported but it has to be activated (because of the “d” after Wake-on, while it should be a “g” in order to be active).
After I ran this command sudo ethtool -s eth0 wol g I get the following result: Cannot set new wake-on-lan settings: Unknown error 524, not setting wol

Does anyone know a solution ? I already googled the error but was unable to find an answer.


This depends on whether or not the device supports WoL - the response to the query you give is not always correct in my expereince. I have WoL working on some QNAP devices, an Intel NUC Chinese clone and Intel/AMD desktops but I haven’t got it to work on Odroid SBCs.

What’s the device?

Argh…sorry…it should have been the first thing to write, is a Raspberry Pi 4.

Check and see if this device supports WoL, I’d be surprised if it does. A lot of ARM SBC devices are either power on or off, no intermediate low power state that WoL needs.

Just read Pi4 does not support WoL.


Shame, do you have any link ? I didn´t found any info about it.


It is not related to this issue but just if someone else finds this when searching for wakeonlan package to wake other devices from DietPi: It requires the netbase package but does not pull it automatically as dependency, hence:

apt install wakeonlan netbase

is required to use it. etherwake is an alternative that does not require this.

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I did find this: and do need that info, thanks!

I was able to find the MAC via

ip neigh
that shows the ARP table, I think? My recent PING to the server at was in there.
source here

To send that packet: If your MAC address were xx:yy:zz:11:22:33, you would type:
$ wakeonlan xx:yy:zz:11:22:33

in my dietpi nuc WOL is working based on this thread. & it is working fine