Accidental Masochist - Running Guacamole on Odroid C2 and Dietpi

ASK Seeking informed solution tips from knowledgeable folks. Experiencing a trying time getting Guacamole to work despite following the instructions in this article to the letter:

ENVIRONMENT Odroid C2 headless server running the latest Dietpi version. The Guacamole build and installation was successful, and all relevant dependencies are updated. X11vnc and Jetty 9 installed fine. All file configurations and settings completed and checked as per the article. Yes, already did considerable Interweb search to find insights and solutions.

QUERY: Where exactly should I put the x11vnc.desktop file in Dietpi so that it autostarts on boot?. Saving it here as advised “~/.config/autostart/x11vnc.desktop” does not work.

**UNSOLVED ISSUE:**I keep getting the following connection error on Guacamole login (server ip:8080/guacamole):

CONNECTION ERROR: The remote desktop server is currently unreachable. If the problem persists, please notify your system administrator, or check your system logs.

Syslog review reveals repeated blocks of entries similar to that below:

guacd [3644] : ConnectClientToTcpAddr6: connect
guacd [3644] : ConnectToTcpAddr: connect
guacd [3644] : Unable to connect to VNC server
guacd [3644] : Unable to connect to VNC server
guacd [3644] : Connection “$ hash shown here” removed