Accessing DietPi Remotely

Is there a way or are there plans to access DietPi remotely via its local IP address in order to install/uninstall software, update DietPi, reboot, etc? It would be great to access my headless C2 with something like a smartphone to do things that otherwise requires going through the hassle of moving the C2, connecting it up to a monitor, attaching a mouse, keyboard …

Setup a NOIP account

Install NOIP on the C2 from dietpi-software menu.

Forward port 22 on your router to the internal IP address of the C2 (which must be fixed - do this on your router).

SSH into your C2 from your phone.


Also, you can install a SSH client on your PC, remote terminal:

Fantastic, installed an SSH client on my Nexus 6P and now I can do what I want. I’ll be making a donation in support of DietPi!

Excellent. I couldn’t live without SSH now, was like finding gold at the end of a rainbow when I 1st tried it lol.

You can also use a free third party service like We tried to make it simple and fast to add remote access to any device without port forwarding, static IP, etc. See for more info.

Just to complete the loop. is available from DietPi software catalogue

Or install a VNC server or even XRDP for Windows remote desktop connection. But yeah, as long as a console is enough, SSH really is the safest and easiest and always pre-installed solution.