Access denied Home assistant

On my odroid C4 with diet pi running have I configured my Synology NAS as a folder. I want to see the files in Home assistant. When I want to see the files in Home assistant HA gives me this error: PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/media/nasbinh’. Does anyone know how to fix that?

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I guess you use a NFS share? did you set no_root_squash option withyour Synology NFS configuration? As well you might need to adjust folder permission to allow r/w access for HA user.

How do I adjust the permissions of HA?

I’m using the samba option in drive manager

Samba shares don’t support Linux file system permission. From our side we mount smb share as user/group dietpi. Theoretically you could try to add HA user to group dietpi, or switch to NFS instead of Samba

usermod -a -G dietpi homeassistant

Thanks a lot! It did work when I added HA to that group!