Access all services on different ports using hostname.domain

Hello everyone!

Is it possible to access my services installed on my raspberry pi with hostname.domain format instead of using the IP:Port format?

For example if I want to access dietpi dashboard I just need to type dietpi.home instead of ip:5252, then if I want to access other service on the same raspberry pi I just need to type the hostname.domain.

Thank you so much!

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theoretically yes, this is possible.

But for example, our Dashboard is not supporting this feature right now. Something we still have on our open item list.

For other apps, this is working if you use a revers proxy like a web server or some dedicated tool. As well you would need a local DNS server that could translate your local host names into IP address.

Thank you for the answer, but allow me to create further questions for I am still learning things.

Can I use adguard home as the DNS server? I am using adguard home as DHCP server btw if that helps.

Also I found this interesting feature of adguard home called DNS rewrite.
I can point an IP to a and it works. For example I set my home router’s router.home and it just works but if I specify a port it doesn’t work anymore. Is the reverse proxy the only way to do this with ports?

PS. Kindly forgive me for my bad English as it is not my primary language.

Not sure how AGH is handling such thinks but usually hostname.domain:8080 should work

I think the reverse proxy is my way to go. Thank you so much for the responses!

nginx or traefik are pretty nice reverse proxies

You can find a guy on YT called Techno Tim that explains ALOT about how to do that…I think he uses docker containers though
Put Wildcard Certificates and SSL on EVERYTHING - Traefik Tutorial - YouTube

I built a Heimdall and flame dashboard webgui (in docker) for my services and ports, this way I just click a link and go right to them

Thank you for the inputs.

I’ve been trying out does two right now but it seems that I can’t use it. As far as I understand right now you need containered services to be able to use those two because of how docker network works. But honestly it’s too much for me to thinker with.

I am also considering this Heimdall, homer, dashy and other dashboard solutions. I think it will be the best to go right now.

Docker and Docker Compose are available on our software catalogue. However they are quite some overhead just for this scenario.

It is. It’s what I installed to try traefik and nxproxymanager

personally I’m using NPM to manage my SSL certificates/external access and to handle local redirects to apps using a port.

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