Accept donations via Liberapay

Hey everyone, I think adding liberapay as an option to donate could lead to new donations, particularry from those who don’t wont to deal with paypal/patreon privacy policy or learn more about brave and use it. Liberapay supports anonymous donations. I’ve seen liberapay used in many projects and so far the experience has been great and privacy friendly. Will you consider adding this options to donate in the future?

ping @MichaIng and @StephanStS

Looks actually great, also that it does not take any platform feeds but funds itself via donations as well. I’ll definitely have a closer look.

Would Open Collective also work for you/the cases you mention? AFAIK, it comes with more features, and explicitly allows to transparently collect for and pay out teams. Also fundraising is supported, so as far as I understand it is possible to add and collect donations for specific feature requests and then transparently pay out anyone who picked it up and implemented it. I heard negative feedback of such, e.g. that often quick bad quality PRs are done which would require much time from maintainers to be able to implement, but at least worth to try it out and see how it goes. If we can attract more potential contributors with it, or even just find out which features requests really are highly valued, it cannot be bad.

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Sure, opencollective is great too!