Ability to Restore Backup on New Install

Here’s some context to why my suggestion can be important:
I use my Pi as a pihole with the DHCP server enabled. Without my Pi running pihole no devices can contact uncached servers. I recently bought an Aragon One case which allows me to utilize an M.2 SATA SSD. So, I burned DietPi to my SSD, took out my SD card, proceeded to turn on my Pi, and type dietpi-backup, only to be met with a demand to update my packages and to download rsync. I couldn’t do that, because my Pi wasn’t running the DNS over DHCP yet.

I understand that I could skip the packages by changing the dietpi-backup command, but the fact that I have to download rsync makes restoring a backup impossible. I understand DietPi is meant to be as small as possible, but I believe rsync, and overall being able to restore a backup without internet, should at least be a minimum for fresh installs.


DietPi support to restore a backup from USB disk during first initial boot already. But rsync package is needed in every case. This shouldn’t be an issue as you would need an internet connection anyway to complete initiate startup.