A version for the Orange Pi Plus 2E?

I got one of these for free because the person who bought it had issues with the HDMI with Armbian. I put the OEM Android on it and that’s fine, but I can’t read Chinese.

DietPi looks like it would be very useful on this board, especially since it has 16 gig eMMC to hold the OS and 2 gig RAM so it doesn’t need to run from an SD card.

The Plus 2E does have the camera connector, though rather awkwardly positioned on the bottom side directly beneath the SD slot, aimed outward toward the edge of the board. I’m designing a 3D printable case for it, apparently the first. There’s none on Thingiverse for the Plus 2E, just the other models. There is one on TinkerCAD claiming to be for the Plus2E but upon having a look at the mesh it’s not right.

Going by the info here, it shouldn’t be difficult to adapt any OS that runs on any of the rest of the H3 based Orange Pi boards. Dunno what Armbian’s issue is with it.



The Plus 2E is somehow a hybrid between Orange Pi PC and Orange Pi Plus 2. It shares the USB setup with the PC (not using an internal USB hub and no USB-to-SATA bridge) and exposes all 3 USB hosts ports as well as the USB OTG directly on USB receptacles without the need to share bandwidth. And with the Plus 2 it shares type/amount of DRAM and onboard eMMC storage, Gigabit Ethernet and the board size. Like all larger Orange Pi boards the SY8106A voltage regulator is used allowing fine grained control of the VDD_CPUX core voltage.

Regarding software compatiblity all that’s needed are slight modifications to fex file or device tree (using USB stuff from PC and Ethernet from Plus/Plus 2) and then every available H3 OS image can be used. The eMMC is already populated with Android.

Like on Orange Pi PC Plus and Orange Pi Lite the formerly used 8189ETV WiFi module has been replaced with an onboard 8189FTV solution. The available driver has to be build differently, needs some fixes and shows currently the behaviour that it chooses a different MAC address on every reboot.