a question for everyone about SD cards

Well gentlemen, i’ve just binned my third Micro SD card in two years, and seeing as i’m a lazy sob who hates to reinstall things (even if it’s as simple as copying my settings files), i’d like to hear your good and/or bad experiences with Micro SD card brands in connection with OrangePi and Raspberry Pi systems, so i can perhaps find myself a brand that doesn’t kick the proverbial bucket in under a year :neutral_face:

SanDisk Ultra/Extreme = out of the 15 cards i’ve had over the years, only 1 has failed.
Verbatim = Solid all round, although I only have 1 of these
Samsung EVO = Had a few instability/corruptions with OPi boards in the past. Fine in RPi.
Transcend = Basic IO errors on NanoPi/OPi boards. Could of been a “bad” card, but in the bin.

With DietPi testing and specifically image creation, I wont use anything but SanDisk. As long as your PSU is stable, the card will most likely never fail or provide filesystem corruptions in its lifetime. Proven reliability and stability.

Personal fav for cost/performance = SanDisk Extreme (60MB write) for about £10

I can’t speak well about Samsung EVO cards.
I’ve had three, and all three failed miserably after a few months.
SanDisk are a much better choice, IMHO.