A couple of questions for jellyfin

I have a raspberry pi5 and when the image comes out for clean installation I would like to just backup the jellyfin. How could I do it correctly, which folders should I save?

In the jellyfin control panel it tells me a few addresses but I don’t know if there are any more to save

If you have a RPI running already, you can use our migration script to simply add support for RPi5.

I think you haven’t understood me, I currently have a pi5 running dietpi perfectly. But in the future I need to make a backup of the jellyfin service for when an image comes out. I want to do a clean installation with only jellyfin and load the copy of jellyfin only.

Dietpi makes backups perfectly but it does so for the entire system.

Thank you very much in advance

we have a dedicated testing image already but what did you expect from it compared to the actual running system?

Could you tell me where I could download it?

Thank you very much