64 or 32 bit install

I’m using a Pi 3 Compute booting from a 500GB SSHD, currently using Dietpi 32 bit and thinking of installing the 64 bit version
Its used for pihole, samba and I will be installing My media for Alexa

Is there any advantage/disadvantage in going 64bit?
I would be interested in your experience.
Thanks in advance


There is literally no benefit for running 64bit on your system. Next to this, your media Alexa app is supporting 32 bit on Raspberry Pi only.

Thanks, I suspected as much.
re 64 bit MyMedia, that would have been my next question to them, I see they support Linux 64 bit but Raspberry version was not definitive.

The Linux image is meant for x68 systems only while RPi would be armhf 32bit or arm64 64bit.

On a RPi 4B (8 GB), however, is there any reason why I would not want to run 64-bit?

The main reason would be: does the software you want to use support 64 bit?

DietPi is not an own OS, it’s a set of scripts on top of a base image. In case of Raspberry Pi, we use Raspberry OS as base. But in an extreme slim/diet version. Means in case of 64bit, we use Raspberry OS 64bit Beta. Officially Raspberry OS 64bit has not been released as stable by Raspberry Foundation. Next to this it is still missing a couple of software title inside the RPi repository which need to by migrate by RPi devs. From my personal point of view, RPI OS 64bit has more downsides compare to the 32bit version.

Understood, I got kernel panic while booting dietpi. Now going back to couple week old image. Thanks again!

you answered on a 2 years old post and my statement above is not valid anymore as thinks has been changed in meantime.