64 bit support for Odroid

Hey all, not sure if there’s already a tutorial or whatever that explains this but the short is I have the XU4 with the Cloudshell 2 and 2 drives in it. I’m fortunate enough to have a pair of 10TB drives but I can’t format above 8 on each drive since the overall OS seems to be 32 bit. The question is, is there a way to upgrade from 32 to 64 bit without losing dietpi as a whole?

So, replying to my own post in case anyone else has this particular question.

The Odroid XU4 is based on a 32 bit arm processor so a 64 bit kernel isn’t possible on the XU4. The C2 DOES support ARM64, but it’s kinda shaky and only has 2GB of ram.

The XU4 is 32 bit - the C2 is 64 bit but with USB 2.0 not ideal for your purpose.

I’m not sure if partitioning the drives on another stsyem would work or not to allow you to use their full capacity?


Jep, XU4 is 32bit CPU. Besides RPis, we offer arm64 images for all devices with arm64 CPU.

Raspbian 64bit seems to be close to release through, although “close” must be seen relative, at least until it really runs stable. I am still a bid shocked about the more-than-minor issues with the RPi4-compatible firmware :wink:.