64 bit install no off LAN access

I recently redid my server to upgrade to the 64 bit. I have all software currently running as wanted. The issue is that no matter what I change, I cannot access the pi from off of my LAN. Using noip with port forwarding on router. Should be exactly as my previous set up network-wise. I can access using my noip hostname as long as I’m on my LAN so I think that shows that my forwarding is working properly. I’ve been at it all day and cannot get this worked out.

May be helpful or not but in Plex I set up remote access and it shows that it is accessible remotely but I cannot access it off of my LAN either.

are you sure you port forwarding is correctly set on your router? Pointing to correct local IP? Any firewall installed that could block access from eternal?

Nothing that I can think of. It is basically an identical set up to my last except that I am using 64 bit version. :thinking: :thinking:

I did just access the page address from off LAN. It does not show a login page though. Shows it is secure page in address bar. The only thing on the page is it says Nextcloud-a safe home for all your data. That is it. No way to log in or move anywhere???

did you reviewed the port forwarded? Maybe your new system got a new/different IP?

You could install tcpdump and check if there is any traffic reached on your system on the port you forward.

I have set a manual ip address as I usually do. I am using noip and is verified working. I have port forwarding already set up on router from last install. All of the hostnames that I create with noip are are accessible from LAN and do reach pi but fail to do same off of LAN.

I am truly stumped! I expect to be stumped sometimes with being a novice linux user but I’ve been involved in networking for decades.

I have found the issue. It is something with the ssl certificate. Can’t connect securely but can connect to insecure.

does the web server still listen on port 443?

ss -tulpn | grep LISTEN
tcp   LISTEN 0      128*    users:(("Plex Script Hos",pid=1139,fd=7))
tcp   LISTEN 0      4096*    users:(("miniserv.pl",pid=803,fd=5))
tcp   LISTEN 0      1024*    users:(("Plex Media Serv",pid=496,fd=57))
tcp   LISTEN 0      128*    users:(("sshd",pid=469,fd=3))
tcp   LISTEN 0      128*    users:(("Plex Tuner Serv",pid=897,fd=10))
tcp   LISTEN 0      1024               *:32400            *:*    users:(("Plex Media Serv",pid=496,fd=56))
tcp   LISTEN 0      100                *:2037             *:*    users:(("java",pid=508,fd=19))
tcp   LISTEN 0      128                *:21               *:*    users:(("proftpd",pid=491,fd=0))
tcp   LISTEN 0      128             [::]:22            [::]:*    users:(("sshd",pid=469,fd=4))

What application you like to access from external? Is it Plex? I thought it was a web server.

I would like to access any of the services. I cannot access webmin at port 10000 either.

I had more running previously but this is all I’m really needing to get working.

And you had activated HTTPS for all of them individually? Or did you hab a reverse proxy running?

I found out what the problem likely is. For testing my off-LAN connectivity, I used my cell phone. I found out today that my cell network is experiencing connectivity issues. I think everything was likely running fine and that I was overly tired and trying to push through. Thanks for the help Joulinar! Wasn’t making any sense at all, I know. Until next time!

Something things like this happen and you are going to hunt a ghost. :sunglasses: