4 (or more) missing modules (webcam)

So, after a bit of struggle (wrong name require) I got motioneye installed
It almost to the point of tearing my hair when found “hwinfo --usb”
3 different web cams, sn9c102, gspca_stv06xx,gspca_zc3xx, gspca_sonixj
Hard to use motion without a cam

After checking all the longsleep and ayufan kernels I see that
they all only have the 2 cam models sold by pine in
My desktop has 125 files, 1.1M in that directory
I guess we have to wait for a mainline?
I certainly am NOT up to learning cross-compiling
and (I may be wrong) most arm boards are a little weak for native compiling
Supposedly the motioneye OS can use webcams,
I guess I will have to check

motioneye has the same kernel, longsleep
One of the 2 drivers is uvcvideo, usb video class
This is a standard for windows, since vista, 11 years ago
So, no old webcam will work, only somewhat newer ones, windows compatible

V4L should work…you might also have to add user to the video group

usermod -a -G group user

When you plug in an older usb cam
lsmod – no sign of any cam module
ls /dev/v* – no /dev/video0
search for UVC cam or windows8 before purchase

By chance a surveillance cam came in the mail today,
after playing with it (on x86 desktop), i checked lsmod, it is a uvc cam
Plugged it into pine64, it worked