2FA over ssh

Tested it and works well with the non standard ssh server (dropbear) so openssh server i used. i guess great to make use of!!


Only i can not get xwin software run from terminal.


Yep indeed it’s working fine with openssh. I guess on dropbear some other files would need to be adjusted to enable google authenticator

contacted the developers of dropbear, this is what they say about 2FA:

Sorry, there isn’t any way to do 2fa, unless you have some PAM module that expects “password-2FApart” combined into one password response.


Thx for checking. Looks it will not be possible with dropbear, unless they will will support the required PAM modules.

One thing in addition guys. I checked 2FA together with OpenSSH SFTP. Used WinSCP as Client and YES it was working as well. So a pretty cool thing :sunglasses: