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I made the image and I turned on the OrangePi Zero plus SBC. The standard in the world is as the first ip. It should have been received by the DHCP, or a number like:, and not!! What kind of number? It is better to have a DHCP request and then find the 22 port by a NMAP scan. Now I have a DietPi SOC running but I cannot find the way to connect it via SSH, I must stop the operations and try to mount another Distro.

Can you not find the device’s IP address from your router?


Not. Probably there is an issue in the DHCP. I am not the owner of the router. I tryed to change the config files assigning a static ip, but nothing. I think that the image itself should be released with this address: and not ..0.100!

The image is issued without an address i.e. DHCP by default. If you want to change this then you can do so with dietpi-config and assign a fixed IP address. The address you quote is just an example.

If the owner of the router can tell you the IP of your device then problem solved.


Ok if it is DHCP by default it is ok, but … it did not find a number, probably a mistake in the imaging. I will try later, thanks.