1-wire with 5 sensors DS1820


I try to get a stabile system for measuring temperatures at my heating system. But 1-Wire sensors on GPIO4 based on my raspberry aren’t running for a long time. After Reboot the sensors give me for 2 to 24h a correct temperature, but then I only get errors.
I tried different pulldown resistors, 4.7kOhm, 2.2kOhm, no change.
Then with dietpi 7.8 on a raspberry 4 all works very well for 5 month. In this time I upgraded the system step by step. Since 2 weeks it’s unstabil again. But why? Kernel, Kernel-Modul, node-red, other software components? What could be a factor for instability?
Can you help me with your expiriences? Should I use another 1-wire device? 1 USB to 1-wire? A 1-wire-to-I2C?

Thanks and best regards